Mushroom and feta mini quiches

6 mini quiches

Mushroom and feta mini quiches


1 roll chilled readymade shortcrust pastry
6 button mushrooms Agaricus
100 g feta cheese
Fresh or dried thyme

2 small eggs
200 ml single cream
Salt and pepper to taste

Even though mushroom season is in full swing, not everyone comes home with an overflowing basket. We used wild button mushrooms purchased in a grocery store for this recipe, but ordinary button mushrooms work beautifully. Mushrooms are tasty whether you pick them in the forest or from the store shelf. If you are picking your own, choose smallish ones that will fit in the muffin cups, but not so small that you cannot put in the delicious filling.

Whisk the custard ingredients together. Finely chop/crumble the feta cheese. Pull the stems off the mushrooms and hollow out the caps with a teaspoon. Fill the caps halfway with feta cheese, leaving room for the custard.

Place the Muffin Ring in the Omnia oven. Cut the pastry into six squares of equal size and place one in each muffin cup. Place the feta-stuffed mushroom caps in the muffin cups lined with pastry. Sprinkle with dried or fresh thyme.

Trim the edges of the pastry away from the silicone Muffin Ring. Fill each muffin cup with the custard mix.

Set the Omnia to low heat and bake the quiches for about 50 minutes.

Enjoy warm or cold as a starter or snack.

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