Here’s what a few happy customers have to say about the Omnia.

We like satisfied customers

The Omnia is fabulous! We’re in the holiday cottage with only solar heating and an LPG cooker, but now a whole new world is open to us.

Ann on Facebook

Quiche in the Omnia, as good as we make at home!

Annelie on Facebook

We make lasagne in our Omnia, although we use tagliatelle instead of lasagne sheets...super delicious!

Elisabeth on Facebook

I’ve lived without an oven for two years. Bought one a month ago - love it.

Erika on Facebook

The best little oven there is to have in the caravan.

Lotta B on Facebook.

I’m always amazed. The food turns out better and tastier - you can even make perfect roasted potatoes in the Omnia.

Mia on Facebook

The potatoes dauphinoise are almost done. Love my Omnia.

Monica L. on Facebook

The Omnia is awesome.

Rosita on Facebook

Who needs a fixed oven in the campervan when this does everything you need?

wanda-van on Instagram

The Omnia served up a taco casserole and Madeira cake. Tasty!!

Åse-Lill on Facebook