Lasagne 2.0 with black trumpet mushrooms

Serves 4-6

Lasagne 2.0 with black trumpet mushrooms


6 large tortillas
800 g jarred pasta sauce
500 g ricotta cheese
1 cup chopped brown onion
1 cup chopped black trumpet mushrooms Craterellus cornucopioides (fresh or reconstituted from dried)
3 large cloves garlic
125 g sliced mozzarella cheese
Butter or oil for sautéing
Fresh or dried oregano
Salt and pepper

The black trumpet mushroom, also known as the horn of plenty or black chanterelle, that we use in this recipe is known in Sweden for its unique, rich flavour that complements a variety of dishes. It is called “trompette de la mort” in French, meaning “trumpet of the dead.” In spite of the dramatic name, this mushroom is completely edible and prized in many countries all over the world. It grows near both broadleaf (deciduous) and coniferous (evergreen) trees and is an ideal flavouring that can be brought along in dried form when you are on the road. Pull out the “trumpet of the dead” to show off as an intriguing musical instrument for a laugh when gathered around the campfire.

Start by preparing the filling. Sauté the onion with the mushrooms until the onion is golden brown. Peel, crush and chop the garlic and add to the frying pan towards the end. Let the mixture cool a bit before mixing in the ricotta.

Salt and pepper to taste.

Home-made pasta sauce would be lovely for this recipe, But we have used a jarred pasta sauce to keep things simple.

Take out your tortillas, measure the hole in your Omnia and cut out a circle in the middle of the tortillas so they fit into the Omnia Pan. Remember that the tortilla on the bottom should have a bigger cut-out than the ones on the top.

Grease the Omnia Pan with a little oil. Lay a tortilla on the bottom and cover it with 1/3 of the ricotta mix. Add another tortilla and cover it with 1/3 of the ricotta mix. Keep layering the tortillas and ricotta mix, then pour the pasta sauce over the top of the last layer. Finish with the mozzarella and season with oregano.

Bake in the Omnia for about 1 hour.

You could call this dish a fusion of lasagne, fajitas and pizza, just much easier. The best of three worlds.

Bon appetit!

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