An oven on the hot plate! Bake your bread and prepare oven dishes on your stove!

With the Omnia recreation oven you can serve freshly baked bread and tasty casseroles cooked on your hot plate. Almost everything that can be heated, baked or cooked in a fixed oven can be cooked in an Omnia on the hot plate. The three-part Omnia generates both top and bottom heat – think recreation oven, think Omnia! 

Use your favorite recipes or try something new from this website or from the recipe book supplied with the Omnia. Freshly baked bake-off bread for breakfast is no longer a dream! 

The Omnia is easy to use, requires no installation and can be used on virtually all hot plates: gasoil, spirits, electricity, diesel, etc. The Omnia is a popular cooking solution for yachts, caravans, motor homes, tents and holiday cottages – if you have an Omnia you have an oven! The Omnia has no competitors, if it’s an efficient and safe mini-oven, it’s an Omnia. Download the brochure and see for yourself (pdf)

Please note! Do not use your Omnia on ceramic hot plates; the enamel bottom of the Omnia will damage the surface of the hot plate.


Cookery book (pdf)
Oven rack (pdf)