The Omnia Cookbook

Carefully selected recipes, beautiful color pictures and practical tips

Find inspiration: Omnia Cookbook

46 delicious recipes plus practical tips help you bake with your Omnia just like you were using your oven at home. 132 pages with a hardback cover.

The Omnia Cookbook


Languages: Swedish, Norwegian, English (with UK and US measures), German, Dutch and French.
Number of recipes: 46
Number of pages: 132, hardback
Format: 8×8 in
Weight: 15 oz
Four colors

Swedish item no.: 1360
Norwegian item no.: 1365
English item no.: 1361
German item no.: 1362
French item no.: 1363
Dutch item no.: 1364


The Omnia Cookbook is easy to use with one recipe per spread. The cookbook provides guidance for those who aren’t so used to Omnia, while at the same time being a source of inspiration for the more seasoned Omnia cook.

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