Foil baking dish with cardboard lid

Cook at home, freeze, take with you, defrost in Omnia, enjoy

Cook in advance: The foil mold

Fits perfectly in your Omnia so you can take out pre-cooked food and just reheat. Or you can bring frozen food and defrost it. (By the way, a frozen foil mold is excellent as a cool pack in the cooler bag.) The cardboard lid ensures that the food stays in the foil mold.

Foil baking dish with cardboard lid


Recyclable aluminum. Recycle as metal packaging to be used as raw material for new aluminum products.
Set of 5 pcs. with cardboard lids
Meets both FDA and LFGB standards. Avoid foods with high acid and/or salt content.
Diameter: 10 in
Height: 3 in
Weight: 9 in
Item no.: 1120

  • No dishwasher
  • Snowflake


Omnia Foil Mold is tailor made for Omnia and holds just as much.

Cook at home, freeze in the foil mold, take out with you, defrost in Omnia.

When defrosting/reheating. Place the foil mold in the Omnia mold, remove the cardboard lid, fold in the edges of the foil mold so that the Omnia lid can fit and close properly. Reheat/thaw on low to medium heat.

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