Omnia KIT 1

Five products packaged in an attractive box with a practical handle

The products included are:

Omnia oven – freshly baked bread and delicious oven-cooked food using the heat of the stove.
Silicone Mold – flexible non-stick solution. Less grease and less washing up.
Oven grill – bake pre-baked bread, or steam fish or vegetables.
Bag – stylish burgundy bag for conveniently storing your Omnia and its accessories. All the products in Omnia KIT1 will fit in the bag.
Oven mitts – Two elegant beige oven mitts with a burgundy edge to protect your hands in style.

Omnia KIT 1


Five products
Width: 8 in
Height: 10 in
Depth: 11 in
Weight: 62 oz
Item no.: 1500



Detailed information about each product can be found on our website.

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