Non-stick pan

Non-stick ceramic coating

The Omnia pan when you need extra non-stick properties. The tough ceramic alloy on the inside is suitable for almost anything and makes it easier to cook with your Omnia.

Non-stick pan


Suitable for the Omnia lid and Omnia’s stainless steel base.
Ceramic, 100% PTFE-free surface which meets LFGB and FDA standards.
The Omnia pan is made of an extra hard alloy that provides good adhesion for the coating.
Color: Black non-stick ceramic coating
Weight: 6 oz
Temperature: The non-stick coating can withstand 536°F
NOTE: Only wash by hand.
Item no.: 1030

  • No dishwasher
  • No knives
  • Snowflake


The ceramic coating provides excellent non-stick properties. Use only silicone or wooden utensils. Avoid damaging the surface.

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