omnia ugn och tillbehör


With your Omnia, you can make fresh-baked bread and delicious oven dishes directly on the hob. Omnia is easy to use, lightweight, compact and requires no installation.


The Omnia has been a tried-and-true design for a long time, featuring three parts that work together to provide heat from above and below. The three parts must always be used together.

The Omnia Pan is a specially designed circular container with a hole in the middle. It stands on a bowl-shaped base that also has a hole in the middle. The base directs hot air from the heat source around the bottom of the Omnia Pan and provides heat from below. The holes in the base and the Omnia Pan conduct the heat from the stove up through the Omnia where it hits the lid and provides heat from the top. There are ventilation holes in the lid.

The Omnia can be used on all sources of heat except induction hobs. The heat output of cookers varies from one to the next, which means the heat of the Omnia also varies. If this is the first time you are using your Omnia, we recommend that you test it with a simple recipe, such as a ready-made cake batter, to figure out the right heat for your particular cooker.

Materials, dimensions and weight

Base: Stainless steel, high-quality SS430.
Omnia Pan and lid: Aluminium
Diameter: 250 mm, Pan volume 2 litres, Pan height 70 mm.
“Utility height” including knob, 140 mm. Weight: Approx. 0.5 kg.
Omnia comes with a practical storage bag.


Omnia Oven Rack

A popular accessory with many uses, including easily making bake-off breads like mini-baguettes and croissants. The Omnia Oven Rack is also great for oven chips and jacket potatoes. If you add a little water to the Omnia Pan underneath the rack, you can also steam foods, like fish and vegetables.

Material: Electropolished AISA #201 stainless steel, diameter 3.0 mm.

Omnia Silicone Mould 2.0

Custom-made for Omnia. Soft and flexible, easy to stow away and wash, even in a small sink. Excellent non-stick properties.
Three colors. Red or a two-pack in beige and burgundy.
Made of BPA-free silicone and meets US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and German LFGB (Food and Feed Code) standards.


Wash the Silicone Mould in warm water and washing-up liquid before using for the first time. Dry thoroughly. Grease the inside with a little oil, butter or vegetable fat to enhance the natural non-stick performance. Wash the Silicone Mould and rinse with cold water before each use to enhance the non-stick performance.

Place the Silicone Mould in the Omnia Pan before adding your ingredients.
It will be easier to remove soft cakes if you grease the mould with a little oil, butter or vegetable fat. Let the mould cool before turning out the cake.

  • Microwavable (separately)
  • Dishwasher and freezer-safe
  • Freezable
  • Do not use with sharp utensils, scouring pads and similar

NOTE! Temperature range: min. -30˚C/max. +260˚C
Temperatures above the recommended limit will damage the Silicone Mould. Do not expose to open flame. Do not place directly on the hob or under the grill.

Warning: The Silicone Mould and all parts of the Omnia get very hot. Be careful. Always use a potholder or oven mitts. Follow usage instructions for the Omnia oven.

Non-stick Omnia pan

Coated inside with ceramic, 100% PTFE-free surface that meets LFGB and FDA standards. The Omnia Pan is made of an extra-hard alloy that ensures good adhesion for the coating. NOTE, hand-wash only.

Omnia Muffin Ring

Making delicious muffins is easy in the Omnia. The Omnia Muffin Ring was specially designed for the Omnia. Collapsible and space-saving. Four recipes included: Chocolate Peanut Butter Muffins, Feta Cheese Muffins, Summer Berry Muffins and Bacon and Egg Muffins.

Made of BPA-free silicone. Meets US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and German LFGB (Food and Feed Code) standards.


Wash the Muffin Ring in warm water and washing-up liquid before using for the first time. Dry thoroughly. Grease the inside with a little oil, butter or vegetable fat to enhance the natural non-stick performance. Wash and rinse with cold water before each use to enhance the non-stick performance.

NOTE! Temperature range: min. -20˚C, max. +260˚C
Temperatures above the recommended limit will damage the Muffin Ring. Do not expose to open flame. Do not place directly on the hob. Follow usage instructions for the Omnia oven.

Omnia Foil Baking Dish with Card Lid

Cook at home, transfer to the Foil Baking Dish and take it along. Pop it in the Omnia to heat. You can also freeze your food and thaw in the Omnia. A great way to have a tastier and healthier alternative to fast food on your first night out after a long week at work.
Helpful hint! A frozen dish in the foil dish doubles as a cold pack in an insulated cooling bag.


The Omnia Foil Baking Dish was designed especially for the Omnia and holds the same amount. Put the Foil Baking dish in the Omnia Pan, remove the card lid and fold in the edges of the foil so the Omnia lid fits securely in place. Heat/thaw at low to medium heat.


Recycled metal packaging is used to make new aluminium products, saving energy and ore.

Meets FDA and LFGB standards. Avoid using with foods that have a high acid or salt content.

maxiform omnia

Omnia Pan Maxi

The Omnia Pan Maxi is 50% bigger! Perfect for when you are cooking for a crowd. When you use the Omnia Pan Maxi, you can increase most of our recipes by at least 50% and in some cases 100%. Start by increasing the quantity by 50% for recipes where the ingredients have to rise (like bread) or that rise in the pan during cooking. Cooking times are the same.

Always use the Omnia Pan Maxi with the Omnia base and lid. Avoid using with foods that have a high acid or salt content. Hand wash only. The Omnia Pan Maxi is not dishwasher safe.


The Omnia Cookbook featuring 46 recipes

132 pages of specially selected recipes, gorgeous full-color pictures and practical tips. Format: About 7½ inches square (194 x194 mm) hard binder.

Available in Swedish, Norwegian, German, English, Flemish and French.

Error in carrot cake recipe, page 22.
We are so sorry, there was an inadvertant error in the first instruction on page 22. This recipe does not call for milk. The correct instruction is: “Put the egg and sugar in a mixing bowl and beat until light and fluffy. Add grated carrot and oil.
NOTE: Applies only to the English edition.

Omnia Cookbook

60 pages of recipes and helpful hints, in full 4-colour printing. Hardbound.

Omnia Bag

Round polyester bag, about 29 cm in diameter. An easy way to carry and store your Omnia and accessories.

omnia fodral eva

Omnia EVA Case

A stylish, custom-made case for your Omnia made of EVA material. A practical and hard-wearing cover that protects your Omnia from knocks and scratches. With a durable zip and smart hang function, the case is useful both at sea and on land.

Pack the case with the Omnia put together like when it is on the stovetop to avoid rattling. NB: Make sure all parts have cooled down completely before packing into the case.

Use the cover on the stovetop to reduce noise. NB: Allow all parts of the Omnia oven and the stovetop to cool before packing it away in the cover.
Weight 350 grams, EVA hardness 75, EVA thickness 6 mm.


Omnia Potholder

Two stylish potholders, about 9½ inches square (24 x 24 cm), beige with burgundy trim, so you can pick up the Omnia Lid and Omnia Pan easily and safely. Material: 65% polyester, 35% cotton.
WARNING: The base gets very hot! Do not touch the base until it has cooled.


Omnia Apron

Stylish wine-red apron in a high-quality polyester/cotton mix. Approx. 85 x 70 cm, featuring a pocket and adjustable neck strap. Machine wash/tumble dry.

Omnia Thermometer

The sensor is pointed to make it easy to measure the inner temperature of whatever you are cooking or baking. Designed especially for the Omnia, the shape of the thermometer and the practical locking screw makes it easy to attach to any hole in the lid to measure the temperature in the oven.


The Omnia thermometer is only intended for use when baking and cooking with Omnia. Be careful when using the thermometer, the sensor prong is sharp and can cause injury. The sensor also gets very hot, take care not to burn your fingers. Keep out of reach of children.


Measuring the internal temperature of food and baked goods is a good way to know when what you are cooking in Omnia is ready. A full guide to correct temperatures is available on the internet.


The Omnia thermometer can easily be attached to the hole in the lid. NOTE: This measures the temperature in the upper part of the oven. The temperature in the lower part is higher. Having the thermometer in the lid can affect its stability. Be careful when lifting the lid.

omnia underlägg i bambu

Omnia Bamboo Trivet

A stylish and practical trivet designed specifically to fit Omnia products.

Note: the stainless-steel base of the Omnia stove top oven should not be placed on the trivet.

Bamboo is the collective name for a group of fast-growing grasses that are characterized by the fact that the leaves form on stalks unlike other grasses.

omnia kit

Omnia KIT 1

Omnia KIT1 consists of five products packaged in an attractive box with a practical handle.

The products included are:

  • Omnia oven – freshly baked bread and delicious oven-cooked food using the heat of the hob.
  • Silicone mould – flexible non-stick solution. Less grease and less washing up.
  • Oven grill – bake pre-baked bread, or steam fish or vegetables.
  • Bag – stylish red bag for conveniently storing your Omnia and its accessories. All the products in Omnia KIT1 will fit in the bag.
  • Oven mitts – Two elegant beige oven mitts with a burgundy edge to protect your hands in style.

Detailed information about each product can be found on our website.